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About Us

construction masonry man smiling

Masonry contractors that are the leading professionals in the field are here at White Plains Masonry. There is no other masonry company quite like us because there is no other team that can handle everything from stone walkways, to basement waterproofing, and even railroad tile work.  We are the team that has been around for many years. Over the numerous years of masonry service in the region, we have gotten the hang of how to get the work done right. This means that we have all of the tools, gear, equipment, and materials that are required for a reliable and beneficial task. Not to mention, there is no other team that has as many projects under their belt as we have.

We know that it takes a long to be able to master masonry, and we are confident that there is no other tea that is going to be able to compete with us. This is because we always strive for mastery, and we also always want to exceed your expectations. Masonry work is one of those crafts that provide long-lasting results. As such, we want to ensure that the integrity of our work is going to be able to last the test of time. We also want to ensure that the work that we do is highly quality, durable, and that it also appeals perfectly to your style and design preference. If you want a reputable and hard-working team working for you, look no further than White Plains Masonry.